More Information about Filings

Below are links to more information about filings in SEDAR+.

Am I able to submit a filing and/or payment, required to be submitted on SEDAR+, directly to the securities regulatory authorities?

How should a filing that was originally filed in SEDAR be continued?

What is the difference between a filing number and submission number?

Can I add or remove recipient agencies from a submitted filing?

What is a document Grouping ID and why is it used?

How do I find a Grouping ID?

What happens to a draft filing when an investment fund is added or removed from the group?

I am creating a profile and/or a filing. How do I know what is a mandatory field?

Whose contact details should I input as the “main contact” for a filing?

I’ve submitted a filing for an investment fund group with multiple funds. Will I see the filing against each investment fund profile?

Can I submit filings for more than one investment fund at the same time?

Can I submit a document for only one fund or for specific funds in a filing with multiple investment funds?

How do I refile documents that either have errors or missing information?

How do I refile documents filed under an incorrect filing type or filing category?

Is the date of filing based on Eastern Time?

What timeframe will be used for filing review periods on SEDAR+?

When should I create a new filing vs. maintain an existing filing?

Why do I see another issuer’s filings under the filing tab on the profile? 

I’m looking to submit a particular filing (e.g. annual financial statements, long form prospectus, etc.) but I can’t find the action on my profile. Why?

How do  I make a filing against a profile I know exists, but am unable to see?

What filings should not be filed on SEDAR+?

How do I see fees calculated on the filing before submission?

Why am I asked if ‘Is a notice of no auditor review attached?’

When do I need to file a Notice of dissolution or termination or Evidence of dissolution or termination document?

Is the SEDAR Form 6 still required? 

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