Subscribe to or Modify Email Notifications for the Disciplined List (DL) or Cease Trade Orders (CTOs)

Anyone can sign up for new email notifications regarding cease trade orders and the ‘Disciplined List’ by providing an email address, company information (optional), and subscription preferences. 

From the SEDAR+ home page, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. The email address you provide must be unique among all subscribers in the system. Once submitted, you receive a confirmation email followed by regularly scheduled notifications as per your subscription preferences.

If you are an existing email subscriber, you can modify your subscription preferences or unsubscribe. From the SEDAR+ home page, click on the ‘Manage subscription’ button. Modifying or cancelling your email subscription triggers the system to generate a confirmation email. Once you entirely cancel your email subscription, your subscription record is removed from the system and you can re-subscribe at any point in time.

SEDAR+ passwords expire every 45 days. Refer to the system status page for instructions.
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